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Each year Seedbed creates and gives away more than a million dollars’ worth of resources. This is only possible thanks to the generous financial support of more than 6,000 sowers on what we call the Seed Team. Through their contributions to the Great Awakening Fund, they have formed a community of support for a new work of God in our day.

We invite you to partner with us financially as we focus on a few key initiatives, including the Wake-Up Call and the New Room Conference.

We need the support of those who share our belief in the power of God’s love to awaken and transform this world. Please consider joining us on this mission to sow the love of Jesus in hearts, homes, churches, and cities across our country and throughout the world.

Major Initiatives:

Your gift to Seedbed will support initiatives like:

The Wake-Up Call

Wake-Up Call (formerly The Daily Text) has grown to be much more than a daily reflection. Through the encouragement of the Wake-Up Call community, we’ve birthed a Facebook group, a 24-7 prayer movement, a weekly fasting community, reading groups, and a book series for individuals, groups, and churches.

It takes daily effort from nine different Seedbed team members and monthly investment into seven separate technologies to sow the Wake-Up Call and its related initiatives as freely as we do. We’re deeply committed to this ongoing, transformational work, and we welcome you to join hands with us as we continue to sow this resource into our communities and expand its reach to new channels and audiences.

A few years back, we created the opportunity to sponsor a day of the Wake-Up Call. By our math, the investment is $365 to sponsor a day of the Wake-Up Call ($30/month). We also think of it along the lines of adding new community members, which costs about $60 per new reader annually ($5/month). Of course, any amount helps!

New Room Conference

The New Room Conference (also referred to as “The Unconference” and “All God – No Glitz”) changes us, every single time.

In 2023-2024, we are adding an additional New Room National Conference. In other words, there will be a Fall 2023 Conference and a spring 2024 New Room Conference.

As a result of this, more than ever, we need your help. New Room Conferences are costly—as only a meeting with Jesus of this scope should be. We recognize they are also quite costly for our participants with travel, lodging, food, and so forth. For this reason, we try to keep conference registration costs as low as possible.

We are inviting you to help by sponsoring a new participant (or more) as we expand to two national gatherings in the next 18 months. According to our math, that will come to $100 per participant. Perhaps your church may like to sponsor a few or more.

Thank you for sowing with us!

Questions? Please feel free to reach out to Rachel Smith at