New Room



Participants at A Night With New Room

In 2014 Seedbed hosted the first New Room Conference with 250 people registered. Seven years later, we’re more encouraged than ever by the community—now thousands—the Lord is bringing together and the awakening that’s stirring our hearts, homes, churches, and cities. And although COVID caused us to reimagine our 2020 New Room Conference, the Lord used a closed door to open others. And instead, on September 25th, we hosted A Night With New Room which virtually brought together more than 10,000 people across 26 nations for a time of learning and praying. Due to the generosity of hundreds of donors, we were able to offer the entire evening at no cost to participants.

We’ve always known that gathering and connecting the people of God is core to awakening, and thus, the mission of Seedbed. As we look ahead to 2021, our hope and prayer is to facilitate more opportunities to join together in community whether that be in person or via Zoom. Your gifts will make it possible for more people than ever to join us at future New Room events.

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