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The world waits for awakening while the Spirit searches for the ones who will sow the seeds.

At Seedbed, we are convinced, now more than ever, that God is with us, helping us discern what it means to equip and serve his Church to do his work in the world.

With your help we will:​

It will take ten years to get this sown, rooted, and growing in the seedbeds of a thousand local churches. Seedbed will take what we learn together and continually improve models for banded discipleship that lead to honest, trusted friendships and transformative grace.

“My senior pastor came to New Room this year and about two months prior got into a band with three other clergy in the area. He has been totally wrecked and amazed. He tells me he wishes he had sought out this type of intentional community at my age. We met with our Operations team this morning and he told them to figure out how they will be plugging into and starting a band. Crazy amazing Holy Spirit stuff going on around here that I have prayed for for years!”

– Perri M.

We’re gathering, connecting, and resourcing everyone—generation alpha through the millennial and generation Z. From evangelism to catechesis to discipleship to calling to mission. Transformed by the profound love of God, today’s children can reverse the generational crisis of the church and become the leaders that restore hope to the world.

“We love the Seedbed Trackers curriculum. We are not a traditional church setting. We actually meet in a pole barn/pavilion in a rural, low income neighborhood in Florida. 

When we first started having kids programming, before we started Trackers, we asked our kids to draw a picture of their favorite Bible Story. After some blank stares, one of our kids said, “What do you mean Bible story? What is a Bible?” Her bravery opened the door for other kids from the neighborhood to admit they didn’t know either. 

Trackers has been great because it has provided us a systematic way to be sure we are covering the scope of the Bible, and we love that while it is focused on particular stories/characters, Jesus is always a part of the lessons. Our students really enjoy the lessons, and it has been a great resource as we have worked to include some of our adults who also may be lacking quite a bit of Bible knowledge. We can hand them the lesson and feel confident that have all the info they need to teach our kids well!” 

– Carey S.

At the outset, it will mean that if you’re connected with Seedbed and want to find other likeminded sowers—near or far—you’ll be able to find them (if they want to be found, that is). Encouraged in heart, united in love, and banded in prayer, we’ll put our hands to the plow together.

Even though the concept of bands is probably best done in person, has New Room considered establishing a database of individuals in sparsely populated areas searching for a band to join? Clergy especially who serve in rural parts of the world a fair distance from other clergy may need help finding a group to join up with in an online band. Laity in small churches may have the same issue. I’m clergy and am having to work at it to find enough clergy friends who are likeminded (if you know what I mean) that I would want to be in a group.
– Nathan G.

We will engage pastors, lay leaders, moms, dads, and children alike with Biblically sound, low barrier-high bar resources, helping them grow in greater love as they sow for a great awakening.

I am a 40-year Bible teacher and 20+ year curriculum writer, so Bible Study is my passion and clear teaching my goal too. I’ve been thrilled to be able to recommend Seedbed even to my high school Sunday school kids. Plus, being a big fan of John Wesley, I have enjoyed being taught about his methods and plans—especially about the class meetings—right when we think we have invented the small group! I have sung the psalms in your Metrical Psalter and fasted with the Daily Text successfully beyond the forty days. I have prayed thru and shared the covenant service. I pray this ministry will produce more Methodists with holy fire in their lives. And, of course, reach and ‘grow’ the entire kingdom of the heaven’s family!”

– Marni M.

We’re calling the retirees out of retirement and into the peak years of your life to pour yourselves out into the work of sowing for a great awakening.  You are the elder statesmen and stateswomen of the awakening. 

What will this all look like? It will look your church renewed and churches you birth humbly reveling in the awakening afoot in your cities and towns. There's an old term for this: The spreading of scriptural holiness across the land.

Seedbed truly has set us on a life-changing path. Thank you for all you do.
Mike K
There are no words adequate. The power of the Presence of the Holy Spirit was with us in an amazing way. Once again, God has worked through New Room!
Donna K.
I really just wanted to say thank you. You have blessed me and others. I look forward to reading and praying through your devotionals and resources for the next blessing.
Hank B.
I continue to give glory to God for the joy-filled planting going on around the world, as seeds are abundantly spread... Keep doing your thing!! You and the ministry are prayed for!
Katie Z.

If you’d like to donate by check, please send your gift to:

415 Bridge Street
Franklin, TN 37064

. . . and note that it’s for The Great Awakening Fund.